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A little more than 10 years ago, we established this organization as a platform to address educational and social problems in our community. As part of our initial research, we realized that the community is blessed with several grassroots organizations working for all aspects of community welfare all over the world. We did, however, find a lack of coordination and communication among these organizations. We also realized that there is a lack of open conversation on these topics between the organizations and our community members at large. Since then, we have dedicated all our efforts to establish these communication bridges among all stakeholders in the community.

Meet Charity Projects

Founded in 2006, Al Kauser is a charitable organization working in the USA and South Asia. Our charitable endeavors support various projects providing medical, educational, financial, and familial support.

Through our unique approach of partnering with existing grassroots organizations to help them better support their communities, Al Kauser has successfully:

  • Built schools.
  • Funded student scholarships.
  • Provided career guidance.
  • Covered the educational needs of orphans of the martyred (shuhada), including providing laptops and paying school tuition or college & university fees.
  • Born both the medical costs for individuals as well as generously donated to multiple hospitals
  • Assisted with housing and rental costs for widows
  • Funded marriages

God willing, and through your generosity, Al Kauser can continue to be a source of abundance and serve as a bridge between organizations and communities as they persist in addressing the social and educational problems of our communities in need.

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